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Growth Of New Crypto Marketplaces

Digitization of arts/crafts & payments is growing in popularity in both the West and Asian markets. New markets such as India and Indonesia are leading the way for blockchain mass adoption.

Scalability, Security And Speed

These fundamental features of blockchains and the break-neck innovation is laying the grounds for a new internet economy, and will soon replace how great things are built.

Defi And Cross Chain Solution

The combination of these two technologies is positioned to disrupt the traditional financial structure. The space is evolving rapidly to accommodate the financial needs of the next generations.

Investment Thesis

Historically, money was invented to solve the limitations of barter. But with time money itself has constantly evolved based on the innovation and needs of the society.

Similarly, technology has evolved over several decades. Mainframes in the 70s, PCs in the 80s, the Internet in the 90s, Smart Computer in pockets (Mobile phones) with social networking in 2000s and Connected world / IOT / Blockchains in 2010s. Every new technology had to face rejection, adjustment and then adoption. We believe cryptocurrencies are at a stage where Internet was in 90s. Every decade gave us a new technology or class of computing model that changed how we communicate, how we transact and how we connect. Machines (PCs) made human efforts easy and less time consuming, smart phones brought in camera, GPS, tracking and many other features, social networking like facebook, Instagram adopted by billions of people.

Blockchain introduced shared state computing in 2010s. Since then smart contract based blockchains have on-boarded thousands of developers building decentralized networks with no censorship or exclusion. Bitcoin has over 12000+ node operators who run the network that settles billions in value every day. All done in a trustless manner backed by cryptography.

Blockchain is a software which is hardware independent in a way. We are seeing power of software and true potential of blockchain technology unlocking every single day as new talent steps into the space. We invest in these talented people.

We are backed by many traditional and large institutions from around the world who are excited to see how this decade unfolds with implementation of astonishing and great Ideas. This gives us an edge of having resources from traditional world to new and modern crypto world: Read More

We have seen many crypto cycles but our team believes real adoption yet to take place. With each new cycle, we have seen institutions, tech giants and listed companies changing their mindset for the positive. Some of the key changes that can be highlighted between two completely different bull cycles:

Bitcoin Bull


  • People were not buying bitcoin as long-term asset but to trade altcoins and invest in ICOs

  • It was the first time when public had any sort of exposure to crypto assets.

  • Regulation was zero. Anyone could launch their token from anywhere.

  • No consumer protection and everyone was an expert.

  • Money made but outside bitcoin so capital flowed from fiat to bitcoin to other random stuff

  • Hack Mania was everywhere. It didn’t stop even when bitcoin dropped to $6,000 from $20k.


  • Money invested in Bitcoin and stayed in Bitcoin.

  • Volume of BTC remain highest vs all other coins.

  • Long term hodlers in 2021 holds +8% more of the circulating supply.

  • Crypto adoption is similar to 1997 internet adoption.

  • Stock to flow ratio is reducing. Bitcoin max supply is 21Mn.

  • Number of hodlers for BTC increasing. In 2020, new 610k hodlers added.

Trading Bitcoin to Accumulating Bitcoin

Macroeconomics environment

Central banks printing more and more money. Interest rates are low. Inflation is high. So majority of the capital is flowing in crypto, gold or real estate. Bonds are worthless in a way and cash is losing value.

Evolution of new technology

Easy to store, highly decentralized, digital, can be bought in cents to billions, collectible, institutional adoption is growing, regulatory framework is in process.

Bitcoin Halving

Miners get their rewards for mining new BTC. When Bitcoin halving takes places, miners gets 50% less rewards reducing yearly inflation. Halving is necessary because BTC supply is fixed thus, the rewards have to be deflationary.

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Vijay Garg

Invested in over 150 blockchain startups, Managing Partner of Mapleblock Capital.

DeFi Risk Advisor

Gillian Wu

Ex CEO of Huobi (Assets Management) and Founder & CEO of Neptune Mutual


Jazear Brooks (Founder, Sifchain & Lead Architect, Thorchain)

Built a high throughput application specific blockchain on top of Cosmos, is also the founder of Sifchain project.

Chief Defi Advisor

Denko Mancheski (Founder, Reef Finance)

Built Reef Chain, a next-gen blockchain with nominated Proof of stake, EVM extension, on-chain upgradability and libp2p networking.

NFT Advisor

Vijay Pravin Maharajan

3x TEDx speaker, Founder and CEO of Bitscrunch.